5. Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership

This standard is involving the professional development of educators rather than the direct instruction of students.  This is one standard I can say I have been deeply involved in.  Our district has had a strong focus on technology in instruction for at least 2 years now, pushing us to improve our technological abilities as well as the abilities of our students.

There has not been a great push to be involved in web-base interaction until very recently.  The use of web-based seminars has been implemented recently, and it has had a positive impact so far.  Many of the seminars we are involved in as PD are developed into Webinars that we can go back to later and interact with.
Even with that being implemented, we don’t see a great deal of actual multi-cultural interaction through web-based activities.

On the last part, dealing with the vitality of the school, I have yet to seen a high school that has a strong positive school culture.  Most classrooms are very isolated from one another and have very little interaction.  The overall vitality of the school is often left to the administration to determine and maintain, and with very little success without the interaction of the faculty and staff.  I can definitely see how technology could have a positive impact on that school culture, but without the basic  school culture in place it is very difficult to use technology to enhance what is no really there from the start.  It is difficult to contribute to the betterment of the school if this is the case.


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  1. * Dr. Mac says:

    I think that your district has done a great deal with technology in the past 2 years.

    Dr. Mac

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 7 months ago

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