2. Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments

In the modern educational world, it is imperative that technology be included in what is happening in the classroom.  Students will be using this type of technology in the working world, so they need to be exposed  to, and given a chance to understand, how the technology works.  Being able to develop means of teaching students how to use technology, with a way for them to self-direct their education, is something of great value to educators.  Trying to find time and means to do this is the factor that would be very daunting for most overworked and underpaid teachers.

In my classroom I find that it is very difficult to implement this standard.  As a floating teacher I have very limited access to the technology I would need to make this type of idea work.  I can see how it would be an approachable ideal if you have regular access to this type of technology needed to create this type of experience.

Recently, I tried to implement a research project that was very student-directed.  They were allowed to choose their own topics and really develop the assignments into something they had individualized.  The stumbling block for this project was the inability to access technology for them to use.  We were only able to sign up for the computers on a very limited basis, and even then the laptops we used with the school were extremely slow and prone to shut down on the students.  After this experience, I have decided that I will not be doing another project of this sort this school year.  The frustration did not outweigh the benefits and outcome.


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