1. Facilitate & Inspire Student Learning and Creativity

An ideal situation in the classroom should allow teachers to invite creativity through interaction both face-to-face and in the virtual realm. The teacher should be familiar enough with the content to be capable of creating new and innovative ways of getting students involved in the content. The goal of the class is to cover content while exposing students to new technology that they could use in the working world as well as in their own homes, technology that will become parts of their everyday lives in the future.

In terms of how this relates to my classes, I can definitely put some of these ideas into use during school.  We can get access to computer labs, when I can schedule the time into the instructional time.  We are limited on the number of computers we have, so it can sometimes be difficult.  Pickens County puts a great deal of emphasis on the use of technology, in fact I sometimes feel they put too much emphasis on the technological delivery of the material and not enough on the instruction itself.  Many of my students do not even have access to the internet, or even a personal computer, when at home.  So, I can definitely see it’s uses and the student’s need for exposure, but I don’t see that we have the means to truly integrate the technology to it’s fullest due to a lack of resources for the school and the students alike.


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  1. * Dr. Mac says:

    The have and the have nots definitely contribute to the digital divide. This is especially true in the Upstate as compared to the PeeDee region.

    Dr. Mac

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago

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